Bath of Bathory

by The Malum Process

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Alone in the darkness of power
I pay a perverted young man to lick me
Knowledge, money and throne, it ain't much
I can control everything but this face

This fucking face
Why do they smile, them stupid youthfully sluts?
An occult hate devours my tale
A hidden torture to be like you no doubt

You want justice ?
Forget all that hope you gave me
I am the castle's mistress
Kneel and bleed before your countess

Despicable disfigurement
For the bath at the freak show
On broken bones
Those poor souls within me
Let me see this waking dream
Bathed in the spectacle of death's show
With burning eyes
Their poor souls devour me

Let the corpses enrap my old age
Tragedy is afoot
Tribunal of corruption
Those poor maggots still believe in hope (x2)
The disease of redemption
The sound of weakened innocence
Is like a sinful lullaby
Sinful lullaby
"No please"
Sinful lullaby

It comes with a knife
A powerful beast for decades has established rule within my head
Laceration, convulsion, putrification
Physical transformation
Is it really what I seek ?
A rich woman's experiment
An occult copulation with satan
Forsaken by grace
They should pray before being choked

Thus perish all the innocent virgins

Time to take a bath
Disfigured by the hundreds
Harvest their blood in a bath
I rip them limb by limb
Let the fat drown your fucking throat
A pathetic death for a pathetic sacrifice
I pray that Azazel may abduct me twice
Once for my pride
Once for my lies
Just to remember their frightened cries


released March 14, 2017



all rights reserved


The Malum Process Antibes, France

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